Beta Telecom represents, in Brazil, the following companies, offering technical support, specialized training, maintenance and sales of their products:

Comtech Xicom

Comtech Xicom Technology has grown to be a world leading satellite communications (satcom) amplifier supplier, offering the broadest product line in the industry. Their focus on customers, innovation, and quality has driven growth and created a company with a reputation for excellence. Regarded as an industry leader across the board, Xicom provides rugged, highly efficient and reliable Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers (TWTAs), Klystron Power Amplifiers (KPAs), Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPAs), and Block Upconverters (BUCs) for commercial and military broadcast and broadband applications around the world.

ViaSat – Satellite Antenna Systems

ViaSat produces innovative satellite and other digital communication products that enable fast, secure, and efficient communications to any location. ViaSat brings today’s new communication applications to people out of reach of terrestrial networks, in both the commercial and government sectors, with a variety of networking products and services.

Comtech EF Data – Advanced VSAT Solutions

Comtech EF Data is a recognized leader in RF products. Their extensive product line provides frequency conversion and amplifier solutions for both environments – indoor and outdoor.

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