Company Overview

Beta Telecom is an engineering and consulting company, dedicated to projects of telecommunications, antennas, microwave, satellite communications and site surveys.

Being in the market since 1994, Beta Telecom has its own laboratory to analyze the main measures of microwave and antennas up to milimetric waves and it has a professional team with over 30 years of experience in telecommunications. Beta Telecom stands out for working directly with the client in the developing, advisory and execution of projects of great importance. The company’s main services are listed below:


  • RF and microwave equipment maintenance.
  • Homologation, acceptance and certification of RF and microwave equipment.
  • Assembly, testing and adjustments of transponders in S-band satellites, with space qualification.
  • Projects, courses and advisory services for satellite comunications and cable TV (CATV) systems.
  • Design and installation of links to computer networks and machines control, with spread spectrum radio technology.
  • Design and construction of RF and microwave antennas.
  • Site-Survey and designs for satellite and terrestrial links.
  • Coverage analysis of Microwave and RF (cities, roads, and other environments).
  • Training courses in Brazil and abroad.
  • Assembly line instalation advisory in Brazil and abroad