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Beta Telecom provides solutions for your company, in a personalized form, in the areas of telecommunications, antennas, microwave, satellite communications, radio links and radars. Get to know our solutions and schedule an appointment, so we can analyse your problem and offer the best solution.

Telecommunications Consulting:

  • Antennas
  • Microwave and RF
  • Terrestrial and Satellite Communications
  • Radar
  • Site-survey of terrestrial and satellite links
  • Industrial automation
  • Coverage analysis for microwave and RF with digital topographic database
  • Equipment homologation next to Anatel

Specific Systems Consulting:

  • EMI/EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • TVRO (Satellite TV Reception)
  • CATV (Cable Television)
  • GPIB – HPIB (Automated electronic measures)
  • Spread Spectrum systems (radio links)
  • Labview – Measurement automation in the areas of microwaves and antennas
  • Antennas tests, measurements and projects
  • Automatized tests in producion lines
  • Coverage analysis and coordenation on L, C, Ku and Ka bands
  • Microwaves and high frequencies circuit projects