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Beta Telecom is an engineering and consulting company, dedicated to projects of telecommunications, antennas, microwave, satellite communications and radio links.

Exemples of performed projects

  • Measures in the ship Corvette Barroso: interference measurements performed on board the Brazilian warship Corvette Barroso.
  • ProtoMIRAX project for INPE (Space Research National Institute): The project consists of controlling the flight of a scientific stratospheric balloon by sending telecommands and analysis of telemetry. In parallel, we designed a software to intermediate the communication between the station equipment on the ground and the board system used by scientists and flight controllers.
  • Automatic test bench to the CBERS 3&4 S Transponders: The project consisted on the automation of the transponder tests, being possible local or remote control.
  • TT&C S Band Receptor Development for INPE’s Satellite CBERS.

Other performed works

  • Instalation project of an uplink car
  • Frequency Modification on the LNB and LNBFs local oscillator
  • Installation and activation of HPA and up converter in the client
  • Manufacturing of microstrip antennas
  • Automated LNFB tests in big scale through automated measurement
  • Electromagnetic interference tests
  • Manufacturing of horn antennas from 1,7 to 2,4GHz, 15 dBi, flange WR430 and coaxial guide adaptors WR430 – N Female
  • Implementation of measure setup of LNBFs in Ku Band
  • Isolation tests of armored chamber used in the biomedical field
  • Uplink test of transmitter signal
  • Performance improvement of antennas
  • Development of antennas for presence sensor
  • Manufacturing of active monopole antenna
  • Manufacturing of circular coaxial waveguide to N female adapter.
  • Automation of measure setups of LNBF C and Ku bands
  • Manufacturing of modified MMDS modifiers
  • Evaluation of electromagnetic environment in the client
  • Preventive maintenance of KPAs
  • Electromagnetics interference measures at client’s site
  • Design and installation of XTD2500KL system
  • Helicoidal 5,6 GHz antenna development
  • Site survey on L, S, C, X, Ku and Ka bands
  • Measures in Ka bands
  • Homologation of Ka bands antennas
  •  Test jig in RF with bed of nails
  • Band C linearisers for power amplifiers of satellite ground stations